Saturday, March 5, 2011

Appologies and Etsy

Friends, my appologies for not writing this week. I was stricken with a nasty virus that kept me with fever for near a two and a half days. Thankfully, I am over that part but my head is still quite cloudy. I WAS thinking of sharing with you my fever induced dreams...but then i forgot what happened.  Don't worry, they were not really all that interesting anyway, you didnt miss out. So instead, I am going to share with you some interesting items from etsy.

This is what got me started:
ScholarlyArticle's Frosted Dounghnut Pumps Painting shoes with such unique and fun imagry as Narwhals, dancers, cameos, and doughnuts? Love it!
Next DJRieglel and her hand engraved schrade cigar box knife are delightful! She does beautiful engravings on pocket knives and a few other items...I would love to have my next pocket knife be one of hres! I guess she picked up engraving after finding her Granddaddys gravers and decided to give it a go. I bet her Granddaddys pretty proud of her work.

Check out swipxa on etsy: he is from China and does traditional paper cutting. His work ranges from traditional themes and imagry to modern works. One of my favorites is the bird community papercut. Really beautiful and modern, and look at all the cuts he did for this one image! Wow!

Alright, so lets say I am going to go burlesque. Check out little number from Bubbles and frown.  I have to show this of even though its quite....spectacular it is really amazing what a person can do with feathers. This shop has all sorts of wild hats.

Well, so what shall I wear with my little hat? Oh, I know! TianaCHE's Marquise Casati Bolero! Lots of awesome items in her shop. I've never been to into bolero jackets, but hers are so fun that I want wear 'em!

I suppose I'll just stroll over to DelilahBurlesque for the rest. Burlesque gloves with fringe and rhinestones? yes please!

Underneath...i guess ill jsut use some of my own pieces....:P
Alright, I guess since I am a jeweler i should share with you a few of my favorite items i like and wish i could have!

  • brontotheroocity  does some crazy awesome carvings and cabs. Check out the balmorhea blue sky he cut. Its a color change stone and just fantastic cut! Love it!

  • SilurianEra has some of my favorite stones. The Zebra Jasper Cab is pretty nice...infact, 
    I may just have to buy it! 
    dmargocr has got a nice little shop too. How about the colors in this jasper? wild, huh? and guess what? If you mention this blog, she says she'll give you a 10% discount off your whole first time purchase. nice, eh?

    I love stoneaddict's work. They aren't my style, but i just love what she does! I'm always happy to see new items go up in her shop. Check out this shield necklace with opal. Its such an attractive design.

    Finally, marcomagro has great metalworking skill and shows it off in his work. This particular piece i find quite interesting:
    Neat, huh?

    Well, thats it for now. There are lots of other folks who have caught my eye, maybe i'll showcase them another time. I should be back to normal in a few days and rollin' out some new work.

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    1. I love your blog- what a great bunch of goodies!