Friday, February 25, 2011

It Stoned Me to My Soul

In keeping with the Aspiring Metalsmiths blogroll I'm going to post my stone collection. After going through this I realize I don't have all that many and really ought to start buying more. dear me dear me! Lets start with one I've been sitting on for almost two years:
This is a huge amethyst. I cant count how many times i've carved a basket out of wax for this piece. Once as i was finishing up on a beautiful basket I dropped the wax and STEPPED on it! I was about to sprue it up...alas, it has, mishap after mishap, remained unset. Hopefully soon. Next

One of two ammonite slices. Its mate is still waiting for the setting to come together and be set. I have a grand idea for this piece, just need some pitch and a sandbag.

This is an interesting aquamarine. I had trouble getting a good shot of it, but the cut spirals to the center. Its such a unique stone I'm waiting until the right idea comes along.

These are my lovely garnets. Their setting is waiting to be finished...My design was beyond my skill level, so now it sit waiting to be perfected. A set of gravers would help immensely

These are some of the few beads i like. Garnet nuggets like the ones I used for this piece. The feel so good between your fingers. Maybe I'll do something else with them soon.

Opals in the process of being cut. Need 600 mesh diamond, then the final polish.

A pale morganite and tanzinites. Some of my first stones.

Two lovely rubies. sometimes I just sit and stare at this pair.
A recent aquisition. Montana sapphire with interesting cut.

My collection of yellow sapphires. Some have a very nice quality, other are so-so.

The rest of my sapphire collection. I do like sapphires because of their strength and many colors.

Turquoise and opal, these are meant to be together. Waiting for the third stone to appear.
Well, I have my eye on a few stones at a few shops, and a few more pieces i had trouble scrounging up.  Lots of pearls too, but my computer refuses to let me upload them. I have a few up here. Plus the jar of beach rocks and agates i have which deserve a page unto themselves! hum...maybe i'll go do something with those right now...

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  1. What a lovely collection- I am drooling over the aquamarine- a very unappreciated stone IMHO- but that one is just soooo special!

  2. Oooh I LOVE the aquamarine. What a great collection.

  3. wowzers! You have a lovely collection. I love the morganite - so hard to find and so expensive. Love the tanzanites too! So glad to have you on the AM team!

  4. Beautiful stones! I didn't know you cut your own stones! That darker blue opal is gorgeous.

  5. LOVE your stones!! Really love the combo in the last pic, and can't wait to see what you do with them. :)