Monday, March 21, 2011

Naw Ruz or Persian New Year

I was brought up in the Baha'i faith, and for the last 15 days I have fasted sunup to sundown (typically Baha'i fast for 19, but I had the flu, so I was exempt). In the Baha'i calendar there are 19 months with 19 days each, before the final month the 4 extra days are spent in celebration. This last 19 day month Baha'is in good health above the age of 15 are supposed to fast during the day. So I got up early and made a big breakfasst with my mom, drank lots of water and then when the suncame up I got nothin' 'til the sun went down again. Yes, that meant two weeks without coffee. Two weeks of eating and wanting to go straight to bed. Two weeks of few blog posts. Two weeks of trying to distract myself the last three hours of the day. Two weeks of movies.  Two weeks of....very little productivity.

During the fast Sunset is a very special time.

Which is fine as the time of fasting is meant to be a time when one slows down, meditates and prays. For me, it is a time to improve my will power, learn to appriceate the bountius food we Americans are surrounded by and recalibrate between my bodies needs and wants. You see, often we confuse a snackish feeling with real hunger. Fasting you learn that that snackish feeling will often fade proving to be mearly a want and not a need.

Anyway, all this goes to say: the fast is over! It is Naw Ruz-the New Year! It is offically spring! Yippee!!! Iranians also celebrate Naw Ruz. Why not? Its the first day of spring! And how do I celebrate?  My little tradition is making doughnuts for breakfast. For realz, yo.

Yes, sour cream doughnuts from the Joy of Cooking. Rolled out and ready to go!

Fry, little doughnuts, FRY!

A little powdered sugar...

All done, all yum.  As of tonight there is only one left.

Oh yeah, and coffee.

My mother likes to celebrate by giving gifts. She gave me two new (much needed) purses. She bought sparkley beads at the "gem faire" and made a necklace to give to my 94 year old Grandma (My Grandma verymuch likes sparkles---i fear soon she will outsparkle the stars and make the jealous!) The next Baha'i celebration is the 12 day festival of Ridvan. My family we make a little Persian style tea garden and have tea and cookies. As a kid I used to sleep in the "tent" we set up.

Anyone else have a family/religious tradition related to spring? Have you ever started a family tradition? What is your favorite celebration? Thanks for letting me share with ya'll


  1. Wow, that must take some will power!! My Auntie and I used always make doughnuts when we went and visited her every summer. Her and I would get up at 4am and have hundreds done by the time everyone else got up. We would freeze all that were left at the end of the week. I miss that so much. Maybe tomorrow I'll have to make them with my daughter.Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Owaagh those D O U G H N U T S look good.

    We mark the rise of Zombie Jesus with eggs around here.

  3. Wow great post! That's really nice that you have such a tight family and traditions like this. Makes me want to start my own!

  4. Beautiful post. Your traditions are lovely and inspiring. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful traditions!