Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bamboo Ring for Japan

Hey guys! I finally got over my jewelers block today. First off, I created a special ring I'd like to share with you and would like you to share with your friends. My ring for Japan is how I am trying to help Japan. I lived in Japan for several months and have a connection with the land and culture. It pains me to see not only the destruction from the earthquake and tsunami, but also the social stigma that will beset the poor people and their families who are exposed to radioactive fall out. Since I can't be in Japan helping to evacuate I will help by donating to a major relief orinization. Thats where the ring comes in: the more I make of these and sell, the more WE can send to help the relief efforts.
The peridot is actually a very nice fresh bamboo color. I wanted to show you how I set the stone in the piece. First I made the ring, hammered it, polished it, added the tubing.

Here it is ready to start.
I measured the size of the stone (1.98mm) and used a hart burr about .1mm smaller. I drilled down then once the edge of the burr went below the rim of the tubing I cocked it a little and created the seat for the stone.
If you click you can see the seat I am creating for the stone.

Check that the stone fits and is sitting straight. The hole isn't big enough yet, so I have to drill a little more making sure to leave a ridge of metal around the rim I can press around the stone.

I drilled a little more, check the stone and heard a little "click"-the stone as the peridot snaps into its seat. It fits perfectly!
Now I carefully press the metal around the stone. My homemade tool isn't the best shape for the job, but I have gotten used to it and can do a decent setting with it. Once the stone is firmly set I use another tool to burnish the setting then polish it up to look smooth and not catch.

I hope you will tell your friends about my ring so we can help Japan together.

Have any of you created a special project to help relief efforts after a disaster? How do you like to help? What charities do you support?

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