Friday, March 18, 2011

What? More Stones?

Yes, it had happened: I have aquired MORE stones. I am pretty good about not buying unless i need it...but every so often a stone catches my eye. Like this baby:
Its called cacoxenite amethyst and apperently is from just one mine in Brazil. Basically amethyst with rutilation running through it. I refrained from buying it when i saw it at Handleys, but when I got home I found I had a sale on my etsy shop so I called up the owner of the rock shop and said, "keep that stone for me!" So happy! I didn't realize it was amethyst when i picked it up, but seeing the pale purple I started looking for an amethyst to with it. Most of the stones they had there where a deep, deep nice purple...but thats not what i was looking for. I found it (possibly the cheapest one there, too)
To quote Goldielocks: "This ones juuuuust right."

 In a few days I'll show you what I did with these stones....its pretty sweeeeeet. Sadly, it wont be done until i go back to the rock shop as I dropped/lost my 2mm accent stone. :(

Did I mention that I got a lovely slice of watermellon tourmaline?
While it doesnt have much color around the edges, I love the play the inclutions in the center give it.

Anyone remeber my opal kick a month back?  Well, I finally made something from my lovely hydrophane opal:

Honestly, if no one buys this ring, I wont be hurt. Okay, maybe I will be hurt because I wore it out driving twice and got totally distracted watching all the color play as I passed different light sources. Certainlly it kept me from rageing while sitting at lights, "oooo..pretty. so many colors. awwww. traffics moving already?" Pictures dont do this rock justice.

Speaking of opal, another "gem faire" is in town. There is one reason and one reason only to go: raw opal. Expect to see some new opally treasures coming soon!

Thanks again for stopping by and checking out my blog.

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  1. "Honestly, if no one buys this ring, I wont be hurt."

    For real. Tis a fine piece. Somebody ought'a read this post, buy it, and give it back to u.