Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Never underestimate presentation! I bought a couple nice ring boxes yesterday and placed my higher-end items inside. The small investment in boxes was enough to give all the pieces a finished look! Take a look:

The difference is pretty stunning. When I put the pieces in their boxes I was amazed the difference of opening up a nice box and seeing the piece showcased vs keeping it in a cardbaord box. I could definitely take my pieces around now and be taken more seriously than before.

This last ring I just sold on etsy! So glad I had the boxes ready to go so I can ship it out tomorrow. It is really one of my favorite items, its probably good I made it too big for me or I would be reluctant to sell it!

How about you folks: anyone you suprised the first time you saw your work in a gift box or framed? What point to do feel like your work is "done"? What gives you the feeling of completion?


  1. Just think how many hundreds of millions (or may be billions nowadays) corporate giants spent on marketing research for their product packaging/name branding. Sadly, our mainstream society is attracted to "the curb appeal". Grocers tossed out perfectly good produces because of a few bruises or wilted leaves.

    When I started to stage my project photos while learning/playing with new photography skills, I noticed my viewers increased too. Personally, I will definitely draw to something professionally presented listing over those aren't. It reflects to the maker's characteristics and work style/ethnics--his/her attention to details. To me, it says a lot. Your creative pieces are beautiful. Great designs and awesome pesentation. Well done :D

  2. Thank you Sarah! you know, when I lived in Japan I found the "discount fruit shop." It was the bruised stuff, to the strawberries that werent quite perfectly shaped. I bought it anyway, and the lady always gave me extras. My host family thought i was crazy to eat damaged fruit, but it still tasted as good. AND I was able to afford serving them strawberry shortcake for the first time.

    Gosh, now I'm hungry.