Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ghost Rider

 Howdy! I've got a fun piece today! I found a lovely little agate from Montana over at Handleys. At first I was all ho hum, then I saw it: A cowboy riding through sage brush! So that what I did, and here's how.

First came designing the piece. Getting a decent cowboy silhouetteis one thing, getting it in the right proportion is another! It took me several tries, but i finally got my cowboy and horse the right size.

Next came making the piece. I switched over to a  new torch setup in the middle of making this. From acetylene/air with a big torch tip to oxy-propane with a MINI torch tip. Well, I had some trouble getting it hot enough to solder up right, but I kept trying and finally got it. yikes, though, what a nightmare!

So I got the bezel made and all ready to go, and drew on my little cowboy
 I cut him out

 I was careful in my sawing as I couldn't add metal if i screwed up! But he turned out okay
Now one thing i did take into consideration was the possibility of the back plate tarnishing. I am trying to mitigate that by creating a fine silver layer (using depletion guilting) under where the stone sits. We'll the very least it makes the stone appear whiter.

 I set the agate in and it looks pretty darn good. One thing I didn't realize was the stone tapers off by a millimeter on one side! so to get it to fit into the piece I had to do a bit of resizing. Anyway, it looks pretty good. The camera didn't want to pick up on it, but you get the idea. he comes out pretty clearly in real life.


  1. What a cool piece! Sounds like you geg to work with all kinds of fun toys...I mean tools :)

  2. What a fabulous piece and I loved reading about your process, thank you:)

  3. Fun indeed. I love the agate piece and how you totally transformed it to a magical tale. Thanks for the inspiration :D

  4. That is so darn cool!!! I love it - Erika, you are so creative and your technique is awesome! Really nice job!

  5. Wow, what a cool idea! I think your cowboy turned out great.

  6. This is very cool! Looks like a lot of work... Such an interesting technique. So precise, I'm not sure I could have the patience! Really impressive.