Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Byebye Spinning Wheel

 I  just got a message from my friend who I borrowed a spinning wheel from...after a long loan shes ready to try spinning again. Drat! So I gotta do my best to finish my projects...as of last night I still had almost 3 oz of fiber to spin. I managed to finish it in a viewing of "Weird Science" and a couple episodes of the daily show. Amazingly my leg didn't fall off. I had to let the fiber sit for a little to get the twist to set so I started plying this morning. Here's the lazy kate (oh kate, you work so hard for me why do they call you lazy?)

 Spinning on the bobbin
 Once I was done I used my table as a niddy-noddy. because im cool like that.
I was hoping for a laceweight, ended up with a sock weight. :( i guess i could have used more twist in the initial yarn? maybe? This is where being self taught makes it a little difficult.

 Two skeins of yarn: a total of abut 435 yards. Pooh, a little less than I wanted, but, hey, its enough to do something with!
Any suggestions of what to knit with merino silk handspun? It would make nice socks, but wouldn't last very long so thats out of the question. maybe another shawl. BTW if you are on ravelry, friend me there so i can see what you do!

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