Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fuzzy Feelings

 The rabbit got a bit of carrot today, which she just went nuts for. I have NEVER seen her eat while being held...and here she wad noshing and even holding the carrot. Pretty adorable

Messy eater...

 Aww, what sweetness!
 But not all is well in bunny land....
Come to think of it, I've seen this look before...

Awwwww.....sad puppy. I gave her hugs, but the look was pretty precious.

In the end, all animals were happy and loved. Normally the dog gets along with the rabbit...but like anyone the dog gets jealous if we pay too much attention to the rabbit while the rabbit gets upset if we pay too much attention to the dog. Its not anthropomorphizing, I swear!


  1. So cute! Now I want a rabbit for a pet. But we have a chocolate lab so I'm not sure if that would go over well with her (a hunting dog by nature but not in practice!)...

  2. Bunnies are great---though the require learning a whole new form of animal communication! My dog is a shephard, Aussie and German mix. She works hard to fight her chasing instinct, but we introduced the two slowly and carefully. Even the vet was worried about her breed's instinct to chase but so long as Oreo hops calmly the dogs chill. still have to supervise the two, but dog gives the bunny kisses and the bunny seems to like the dog.