Friday, February 17, 2012

Soldering Skillz

So I started making a set of earrings from wire and decided at some point to share a little.

first off, I had a ton of solder joints. All the bends in the wire i notched the wire, bent the wire then soldered in the notch to give it strength again. As you can see I used my tweezers as heat sinks to prevent certain joints from accidentally flowing. For the most part I was able to use hard solder, but the spot that had 4 joints at once I decided to use medium on. you can see in the picture below H for hard solder, M for medium. No need for easy.

 I then put on the earring post with medium, again using tweezers to prevent that one joint from accidentally getting too much heat and flowing on me.
 I then added the wires for the pearls and soldered them closed. I polished up the prongs so they were smooth.
 I decided to try something so i oxidized the posts
 And tumbled them so the oxidation became permanent....i might touch up a little to make the darker once they are set.
 Aand this is what i got: black tourmaline and pearls. Super classy.  I overworked one prong so i gotta re-solder it, then liver of sulfur, then tumble then reset. le sigh. Almost done, though. Hope it gives you some ideas how to solder lots of joints together.

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  1. Very nice work...but I'm afraid, too tedious for me! All those tiny wire prongs would make me nuts. :)

    Love the combo of pearls and the "rough" black tourmaline!