Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brand New Jacobs Lamb

 We finally got our first lamb! Although we just set John out with the girls in the pasture, Sparkles was the first to succumb to Johns ramly good looks and was very protective of him the first few days, so she was first with her baby. The other two we have no idea on their due dates. Sparkles only had one which  is okay since this was her very first. Crazy aunt Wilda tried to the her baby but Shawn was able to get her away and seperate mom and baby so they could bond. Sparkles was still trying to figure out what happened when I took these pictures and what this little thing is (its only a few hours old), but she is taking the more and more interest in it. I believe I saw her letting it suckle from her.
 The cutie was all wobbly headed when I first saw it like in the video above. Then it saw me and it locked its eyes on me.

 Creeeeeepy stare, kiddo. Do something cute. Now.
 AWW! its trying to get up!
 AW! LOOK AT THE LONG LEGS! By the way, do you know what two shakes of a lambs tail looks like?
Heres mommy. She's not the friendliest of sheep, a little wary of people.

Momma and baby: healthy and happy!

So John is offically a proud daddy now. Crazy Aunt Wilda stayed by the pen reeeeeally wanting the baby for herself. Since it wasn't hers she was offering unsolicited advice to Sparkles (thats her bleeting in the video above). Wilda is pretty huge so I expect she has triplets which can be pretty dangerous to birth. But she is a super sheep so I think she will be fine. Sparkles' mom is also due soon. We are basically letting the pasture birth so the good breeders survive and the bad ones...well, we don't have bad ones. I believe in all my girls!

There is a chance that baby will die. Lambs as very fragile so no names yet. If it makes it past a week then we can name it and sex it. For now, its just "baby."


  1. Awwwwww that is beyond cute! Maybe momma is just skittish because you're there with a camera and hopefully she'll feed it soon.

  2. So cute! I have never seen sheep like these. They are pretty neat looking. I can't wait to wee Wilda's little ones. Fingers are crossed for a safe delivery.