Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Silver Memorial Ring with Emerald

Good Day fine people! I wanted to show a custom piece I did a little while back to ya'll. I was asked to recreate a memorial ring. So heres my design and the wax I carved. I painted the wax with a paint pen to show where the raised detail would be and to give my customer an idea of how it would turn out.

 After it was cast and cleaned up
 This was my first time using liver of sulfur.
 Simply take a tiny nugget and add hot water
 drop your CLEAN piece in
 The solution was strong enough to get a dark coat pretty quickly
 A light clean up, then polish. I had a natural emerald in a square cut in a difficult setting I actually took the stone to a professional setter because it was a pretty risky setting. It came out pretty awesome.

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  1. You are is pretty awesome! I love the stone in the mouth, really cool.