Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doggie Dress-Up

Now for something completely silly and possibly inhumane. It all started with me putting away my scarves, my dog started nudging me and one ended up on her head.
I see dead people

Waiting for the bus. Maybe when I get home I'll make perogis
What a good babushka she makes! I wouldn't of continued, but she seemed not to mind too much. obviously it made me happy, so she was game. 

Anyway, I tried to put my harpo wig on, but she thought it was was a dead animal and kept trying to eat it. However the "Marilyn" wig she wore very nicely.

I'm on the right track BABY I was BORN THIS WAY! or maybe not...


What have I gotten myself into?
She's a good dog. Somehow hasn't bitten me. Next Halloween she is getting dressed up.

Any ideas what to dress her as?

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  1. Love it. My girls put their princess dress up shoes on our dog...he loved it!