Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Montana: Day 3 Part Deux

Boy, Glacier is a pretty place. Its almost impossible to shoot a bad picture. So many nice vistas.

I think this might be Avalanche...

In a pretty field, actually taken on horseback.

After riding we drove back through hoping to see some wildlife. We saw some commotion at the visitors center and decided to stop. Click on the picture below and what do you see?

Yes! Two big horn sheep and a mountain goat (whos not visable) were hanging out by the parking lot. The male seemed to be posing for pictures...must have liked the attention

Couldn't have asked for a nicer setting. Well, he finally got tired of us humans and decided he wanted to get in where we all were: the parking lot.

Running Big Horned Ram

Yup, so the ranger tried to chase him out, but he just ran around the parking lot.

A Dodge Ram and A Ram we are trying to dodge!

It was pretty funny, but I got alot of nice pictures of him-too bad they all have cars in them! Actually, I got quite a few keepers I need to develope properly.

After people chasing him and claping he just ambled around (close to our car, several times), finally a patrol car came up to him and tried to scare him off with sirens. That didn't seem to do much good either but he finally got tired of being harassed...i think. We left eventually. Who knows how determined a ram can get.

 So what did he want in the parking lot? Anti-freeze. It tastes sweet to the animals so they like to lick it up.
 And the goat? he just ambled off into the bushes.

So that was the lovely end to day 3 in Montana.

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