Saturday, July 16, 2011

Montana: Day 1 and 2

So I have always wanted to go to Montana. After my niece studied Montana for a school project we all decided this summer to take off and finally visit Glacier National Park before all the glaciers melt. So come with me on a virtual journey to the state of Montana. Today we drive.
Eastern Oregon has some interesting rock formations. This is all basalt.

Beautiful beautiful light.

I like geology. I need to get more books on geology. This was all from one GIANT lava flow

Hello Thunderstorm! Thanks for washing the bugs off the car!

We made it to Washington!

Now we are in Idaho! Yaaaay! Almost there!

Paradise on Earth

THIS is what I imagined the Rockies to look like

Aw, picturesque!
I have lots more pictures, but not enough time to wait for the computer to load. We are spending the night in Kalispell right outside of the national park. Tommorrw expect beautiful pictures. and lots of them.

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