Sunday, July 17, 2011

Montana: Day 3 part 1

Yay! We woke up in Montana today and got going. Took 82 out to Glacier which must have been the senic route. Lots of pretty little farms, but this one we blasted past and decided we had to turn around and photograph. Something like this would have caught Monet or Van Gogh's eye, don't you think?
Apperently the drive into Glacier is pretty long, but once we got there WOW! These pictures are just a small sampleing of the 300+ shots I took today. Be sure to click them and look at the larger image.

In West Glacier

Bird Woman Falls (these are pretty huge)

Lost Goose Island?

Once we got through Going-To-The-Sun Road we where in St.Marys. Actually, my very first jewelry teacher grew up just a few miles near there. I remeber all his stories of growing up right next to Glacier when I worked in his shop. So, I thought of him alot when I was out there.

We wanted to do a trail ride and decided we'd rather do it on the east side (on the reservation, less developed and more spectacular vistas) then with a big company on the west side. Well, it was worth it. The guide didn't give much information at first but quickly warmed up to us and gave us a great ride.
The view from the back of my horse

All three of us with a great view.

My niece on the way back

My horse, Duffy

Gary, our guide, was quite nice and had me lead. If you ever enter St.Marys from the park, where the road turns to a T there is a yellow sign that says, "trail rides" with a hitching post behind. Go there, they are great.

The light on the way back was great. more pictiures and rams tommorrow.

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