Saturday, January 26, 2013

3 Day Old Pigglets

 Rosie seems to be picking up on this mothering thing.So without further ado: lots of pigglet pictures:
 Everyone seems to be doing well with their appetites
 This little girl, though, as a big nasty cut on her leg. Luckily the straw is clean and the weather is cool so hopefully it won't get infected. Just gonna have to wash it every day and keep an eye on her. She's the most energetic of them all.

 Rosie looks very happy and contented.
 Looks like a few are getting daddy's floppy ears!

Yum yum yum
Bouncing around being happy babies. Looks like 2 boys 5 girls. Turns out Rosie did have 8, but it died the first night and got buried in the hay. Next time I'll change the pen so I can get into both sides and grab any injured babies. Other than a few with scratches they all look pretty good. They went outside for the first time yesterday. it is really amazing how quick they develop. I swear each time I look at them they are bigger.

Also, why arn't you people following Rosies twitter account? The more people follow the more "she' will tweet

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