Thursday, August 23, 2012

Farm life

Hello fair and patient friends! I am still taking a break from jewelry as I am now working overtime and trying to get my farm going.

What do I mean I am trying to get it going? Well, I got a new place to live! wee! Its up north of Portland nestled in a valley with a lovely stream and forested hillside. Its dreamy.

The cabin was in the middle of being fixed up when the owner passed on, so there is lots of work to be done on the inside.

 But the kitchen is pretty nice with a whole wall of cabinets, and island and bay window to grow herbs in during the winter. Behind the kitchen is a decently sized mudroom/laundry room I hope to turn into my own jewelry studio.
 It has taken some time to get the animals up. We officially have the pigs moved in and the cats. My dog isn't quite ready to live up there: shes not ready to live with 4 cats running around. Hopefully soon I can get my work schedule fixed up and I can move in full time. Right now I am straddling between living at my old house (7 min away from work) and the farm (45 min away from work).
And the cats agree: its a nice place to take a nap.

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