Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gettin' Goin'

 Life has been a bit busy lately. I went to Mexico for a week, got back and found my co-worker had to take sick leave and got bumped up to full time, crashed my car a month ago and was carless a few weeks. Not to mention this whole starting a farm thing. yeah. Suffice to say I haven't TOUCHED my bench in over a month.

Techincally my car was a total...but it was a front end collision that crushed the hood, lights and a fender then bent back my radiator. But the engine was fine and its been a good car with only 70,000 miles on it. So rather than take the money and run the risk of buying a lemon I decided to have the mechanic do the mechanics (and fix a few safety things i should have done a looong time ago) and I did the body work.

I drove my car home looking like this (turned alot of heads!)
My mom and I picked up a few parts from U-Pull it (oh the men there were hilarious. Had some guy in the parking lot hitting on me trying to the the "job" of doing my bodywork. "Don't you think you ladies could get someone who can do it better?" no, sir, no. i think I can do this just fine.) and a new hood and lights.

 Had to drill a few new holes to put on the fenders.

 Yeah mom! Drill that sucker!
 Remember I mentioned the new hood? no one told us it didn't have a latch on it. Which is a really hard part to find. At that, no one told us it was not a "hood latch" or a "hook" but a striker. So for the first few days until we finally got the part I drove around like this:

Yeah, well, that worked at low speeds. I'm not going to say what happened when I got hit by a gust of wind going slightly faster than I should have. ....

Finally got the "striker" and part 1 of car repair is done. I need to fix the replacement bumper we got and then paint everything, but I can do basic auto body now! There's a dent in the side I am going to tackle soon.

This is reason #1 i've had no time for jewelry.

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