Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last of the Lambs

So, we had some drama on the farm. Wilda split from everyone else to a safe spot, so Shawn left her out for the night. Unfortunatly she decided to hide in an unsafe spot in the middle of the night: right at the portal to the coyote highway. So we lost the ewe. :( We tried to stick the sheep together again, but Sparkles and Wilda kept fighting, splitting open Sparkle's lip. Shawn finally picked up Wilda and carried her to the orchard to keep her separate from Sparkles. While we were gone for just a minute Sparkles started attacking Wilda's lamb. At some point they will have to get together and fight it out with each other, but the lambs are in the crossfire, so we will wait until they are a little older. It was absolutely horrible, though, Wilda was totally distraught. Next time we'll have a better set-up and everyone will be happier.

In the meantime we were waiting and waiting for out last ewe to have her lambs, but it wasn't happening so we figure another cycle. Shawn woke up one snowy morning to find two new lambs, an ewe and a ram! The ewe is pretty striking with her odd eye patches, so I am naming her Cleopatra.


Ram Lamb still learning to walk

Pretty Cleopatra
Learning to be like Mom and nibble on this green stuff
 As for the other two: Ross-anna is enjoying playmates and growing at an incredible speed. Nearly a month old already! I saw her trying to chew some new shoots on the blackberry bushes.
 Wilda's poor son is without playmates because he is locked in the orchard with mom :( Mom figured out how to unlock the orchard gate, so she decided to come visit the rest of the sheep. Silly girl.
So other than the social rift we have a pretty good crop of lambs. Too bad Wilda didn't get put away that one night...but we learned our lesson and still have her ram. As I said to Shawn (who wants to carry on her genetics and really wanted the ewe), we can make alot more Wildas with a ram than a ewe. I am already plotting next years genetics. And by next year, we will have our own place with better facilities.


  1. Cuties indeed. Every year we have a batch of lambs, we learn something new. Someday we will get everything right, then we can be called shepherds. :o)

  2. What a shame - but all part of animal husbandry. You should count yourself lucky that your lambs are all well and not in line of fire of the Schmallenburg virus which is affecting lambs, goats and cattle here in southern England. You don't know the animals have it, until the birth takes place and many lambs don't make it.

    Glad I'm not a farmer, but love to hear about what happens to those who are.

    So, will be following you - having picked you up on Etsy Blog Forums site: hope you'll return the favour and follow me at www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com. We'd love to have you follow us and comment too.

    All the best, and hope to see you soon.