Friday, March 2, 2012


I do enjoy looking at other peoples work and ever so often something catches my eye and I go, "oh I wanna do that!" Well, thats copying, so not allowed. However, the other day I was looking at one of my favorite etsy artists work and this popped out

Rose Quartz earrings by Dana Evans
I loved the shape and simplicity. Plus, it reminded me of one of my favorite animals: squid. So I went on to create a pair of squid earrings inspired by these.

Sorry, not the best photographs. Anyway, the little tenticles wiggle. So there ya go. Also, be sure to check out Dana Evans' work (link under the photo). Lots of great pieces.

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  1. Cute squid earrings! :) And I love all the photos of the baby lambs - I would like to have a few one day!! :) So sweet.
    {Etsy Blogger Team)