Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thing a Day: Day 4

I got my gas! When I moved my tank the regulator was wobbly. Not sure why, but I'm sure that caused a tiny leak when i had the gas on. Dangerous...morak for all of use: check your tanks regularly for leaks. How? Brush on soapy water around all the joints and if you see bubbles, you have a leak.

So I recently bought stones from etsy's dmargocr (whom, btw, said once before they will give a discount to first time buyers who mention this blog_they are very nice, check their stuff out!). This particular pair of tigers eye sat in my etsy favorites for a couple weeks, each time i checked to make sure no one bought them. glad no one did (suprised, too!), because they became my day four finished piece:
Everything is prettier in person. The citrine at the bottom are very bright. Corners on bezels are very hard, but these came out nice. Very happy, took me up til midnight to complete, but there you go: done. now for some sleep!

1 comment:

  1. Great pair of earrings!

    I admit I was also flirting with those stones - such a great shape. You did them more than justice.