Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thing A Day Challenge

I'm in a group on etsy and every mont h we have a challege. This month is to make a piece every day for a month. I am going to give it a shot. My goal is everyday for two weeks, hopeing by then to see if i can continue to a month.  I am including stones as finished objects, too. I just got a new job, so things are changing for me. Less evening time to work, but more money for better stuff. better stuff=more time. We will se what happens. So three days in aaaand:

Day 1:
This challenge wil be a great chance for me to *finish* a bunch of pieces on indefinate hold. This ring was one of such pieces. Turned out pretty nice.

 Day 2:
Between getting ready for the kitchen remodel, childcare, and a new job I didn't even get to look at my bench!

Day 3 :
Alright! I got to look at my bench! However, I was very interupted by workmen in my studio/garage. I started on a ring, following instructions from the internets (a special diamond solitare). Then my gas tank ran out..oh and i think something else happend. I dont remeber-but I won't give up!!! No gas? Fine, I'll just go with stones. The other day I bought a pile of tools from someone and he gave me this (I think i showed him a few too many of my crummy stones i polished up on my dremmel. "stop ruining nice stones!"):
Its a *very* old lapidairy polisher. each little wheel goes up in grit. It needed a little tweaking, but i got it running. I've been working on the first opal for a while, kept taking it to Handleys, and Mr.Handley keeps saying, "nope, more curve to the edges!" arrrrg. taking so much material off! Then I showed hima few other pieces i did...*sigh* told me to take of biiig chunks of stone. What I ended up with is much smaller than what I had this morning. Two of the three opals:

The second opal has a groovy stripe of potch. it was twice as big before, but it has a nasty little crack that kept growing so i had to cut it down.
The third opal I took pictures of, but deleted. Anyway, day three I got stones done. Tommorrow I get gas, and finish what I started!

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