Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Two Weeks!

As of yesterday the piggies pasted a milestone: two weeks old! And what a happy, healthy, energetic bunch.

And what little trouble makers! They knocked over a glass pane and broke it, then they found this plastic and have been playing with it. Any piece of trash they find they put in their mouths (i guess how piglets learn is through their mouths). This property was covered in trash when we bought it and I had thought I did a decent job cleaning up. Nope, not enough for babies!
 They started going outside when they were 5 days old...seems early but I guess not!
 Now they are starting to root around like mom.
 Rosie looks very satisfied with life.
 Lots of joy, energy and jumps with the piggies are outside.
 This is the only one I dare name: Peppercorn has lots of spunk! She might become a breeder in fall.
Look at those pretty piggy lashes!

So now we have our piglets out of the most dangerous age. Only lost one the first night. While I had hoped for 10, 7 healthy lively piglets is still pretty good for a first time 'round.

Now on to the lambs! I think Ash is going to drop anytime. She is uddering up and laying down alot. I've been pretty nervous because no one is there to keep an eye on her during her first lambing. Shawn has been trying to move out so he hasn't paid much attention to the sheep. I am moving back in today so hopefully she has put off lambing until I'm back. We will see. I don't know when I am going to get my sheep from our shared Jacob flock, so I went ahead and bought another sheep. She is a milker like Ash so it seems we will have a mini dairy going. hopefully I can pull off this milking thing. We shall see!

Either way I'm excited to be  moving back "home," living next to my animals and getting back to *my* personal bench. Yes! that means jewelry will happen again!

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