Friday, October 12, 2012

Pouring the Foundation

Winter is coming up fast and our well needs a house! My mother and I took it upon ourselves to finally start the project for a small 4x4 slab. We dug out the space and when my honey came home he was like, "Uh, no ladies. Thats not how its going to be done." While he nixed our small foundation for a bigger shed that could function as a tool shed or possibly root cellar, we did get the ball rolling. ;)

What we ended up with was a 8x8 foot foundation and footing. He did the framing Wit the help of my mother. Next was the fun part NONE of use had ever done: pouring from a truck. Oh yes, and since lack of time/good weather/money we poured the footings and the slab as the same time for an extra challange.
Discussing the logistics

The Foreman is on the job.

Evening out the concrete

Still level!

This part of the job is done!

Taking off the forms revealed a few air pockets were missed, but overall a decent job!
So next we need to build the actual pump house and then our well will be set for winter. Gotta hurry, though: cold weather in almost here. We had our first rain this morning and first frost last week. After that fixing up the animals better for the rain.

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